Updates to the Timeline and Additional Information

Updates are being made to the timeline on the Vaughn – Wyrembek adoption and custody battle posted here https://thinkingoutloudcafe.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/timeline-in-the-vaughn-wyrembek-adoption-custody-case/ Updates are made in the timeline post and in the comments.

Also in the comments is information on the court documents available to the public on the case. There is new and factual information on the arrest record that has been the subject of many posts online. Not surprisingly, much of the speculation has been inaccurate, whether deliberately or not. Either way, this ends the speculation, and I think REMOVES another argument for keeping Grayson away from his father. Per an article (using that term loosely), an Ohio court has set October 30, 2010 as the day Grayson is to be returned to his father.


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